While two knuckle-headed dads were fighting at their sons little league game in Columbus, Ga., over the weekend, a cheerleader from Indianapolis was saving a coach's life. Jessica Anderson is a cheerleader for the minor league football team, the Indianapolis Tornados. But more importantly she is also an EMT and a firefighter.

Jessica revived the teams coach with CPR, when he collapsed on the field.

According to WishTV8, Jessica kept going with CPR even when the crowd was saying he was gone.

The coach was taken to the hospital and is up and talking now. All because Jessica knew CPR.

CPR is such an important thing to know. Because you never know when you or a loved might be in need.

I am CPR trained and I learned so much in the class. I haven't had to use it and I hope I never do, but it feels good to know how to administer CPR.

Check out some local CPR classes in East Texas and take a class. They also have classes on-line, or just watch the short video below so if you have to use CPR, you'll at least know what to do until help arrives. The first thing to do in the event of an emergency, is to call 911, then start CPR.

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