Last week on Radio Texas Live we talked with everyone's favorite Fowler, Kevin Fowler.  And we all know it's always a good time when Fowler shows up, whether in person or on the phone.  His new album 'Chippin Away' drops today so pick it up, after all it's first release 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer' has been #1 in Texas for 3 consecutive weeks -plus it's called 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer'.

The video out now to features some heavy hitters in the Texas and national music scene plus a few Baw-ston Red Sox you might recognize, here's what Fowler had to say about the video.

So the cover of 'Chippin Away' -in stores today, is a little different (pictured above).  It's Fowler sitting on a fancy maroon couch in the woods, so I obviously assumed it might have some deeper meaning, maybe something to do with the duality of men... Fowler quickly nixed that idea, here's what he said.

Finally, here's some inside info for all you Fowler Fanatics, after you buy or download 'Chippin Away' go on and start workin' on memorizin' Track 1 'That Girl' now -it's slated to be the native Texan's next single to radio in September.  In the mean time check out the video for the #1 song in Texas the past 3 weeks 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer'.  See if you can spot your favorite Texans, Red Sox or hell your favorite next door neighbor might be in there somewhere.