For some reason Christmas seems to bring out the good, but at times, the bad in folks. I haven't quite figured out why some folks are scrooges around the holidays. But I like to think about those folks who embrace the Christmas spirit and show love - the so-called  Good Samaritans. Here's a couple of those good Samaritan stories I thought you might enjoy! A man and his wife were heading up to Lake Tahoe this Christmas. They stopped to put snow chains on their car to help them make it up the mountain. While putting on those chains, it seemed the man's wedding ring had slipped off his finger. It was getting dark and the man looked for his ring the best he could, but finally gave up. It just so happened that Donald Benedetti, a snow chain installer, saw the man pulled over and stopped to see if he could help. The man explained the situation and then left.

But for some reason Donald Benedetti felt led to go back out in the snow and try to find the ring. After an hour of searching, he found the ring but the problem was, he had no idea how to contact the man that had lost it.

Hopefully the man that lost the wedding ring sees the story and can reclaim his ring.

This could be the best good Samaritan of this Christmas. A young girl and her family were shopping in New York on Christmas Eve. The young girl had tied her sweet Cavalier King Charles dog outside so they could go in a store and shop. Believe it or not a passerby was caught on surveillance camera stealing the dog. Bah Humbug!

A good Samaritan saw a man trying to sell the dog. The Samaritan had a feeling that the dog was stolen, so she paid $220 of her own money, to buy the dog and took the dog to a vet to be scanned for a microchip. Sure enough, the dog was stolen and the good Samaritan had found out who the true owners were.

So the dog, Marley, and the young girl were reunited and all because of a selfless good Samaritan. This is truly what the spirit of Christmas is all about!