Cross Canadian Ragweed was the most influential and popular band to ever come out of the Red Dirt scene, we all know this to be true. But unfortunately something else we all know to be true, all good things must come to an end -- Ragweed saw there's in late 2010. It wasn't long, though, before former members, Cody Canada and Jeremy Plato teamed up with Dave Bowen, Seth James, and Steve Littleton to form a new band, The Departed. Last week Cody and Seth dropped by Radio Texas, LIVE! here's our conversation.

The Departed's first record "This is Indian Land" was more a tribute album, and less a Departed album. It was a chance for the new band to get in the studio, mesh and see how each other worked. When I referred to the album as a tribute to their "friends" or "idols" Cody was quick to correct me saying “Family, really.”

"This is Indian Land" had three singles released to radio, all three reaching No. 1 in Texas including “Ballad of Rosalie,” “Skyline Radio” and the latest, “True Love Never Dies.”

The Departed are still new and shiny and as such they are all happy to be working together -- something I got from Cody that was missing toward the end of Cross Canadian Ragweed. And they are all contributing too, each have written or co-written a song on the next project.

I asked the guys what we can expect with the new album,

[It'll be] 100% [Departed]. All of us writing, there's a lot Seth and I have written together, Seth wrote one with Wade Bowen, and one with Sean McConell. Everybody’s got a song on this record.

Everybody's really excited you know, its still new, everybody's in love with each other -- sit around in the back and bounce ideas off each other.

I tried to pin the guys down to a release date, but that's not going to happen. Cody said "Fall.. maybe -- definitely before the year is over.” And as far as the first single from it Cody likes a song called "Burden," one that Seth sings. Seth is a little less decided saying,

I'd have to hear all the songs mixed and finished, and in the can and then make up my mind.

I thought you would also like to know that Seth and Cody will be sharing leading singing duties, which will only serve to add another dimension to them, and will definitely make the band better. Seth has got some pipes, son. Be looking for the new album before 2012 is over.

Press play to hear our entire conversation, while you check out at the pics from Cody and Seth's time in the studio and on The Front Porch.