All right all you Cody Canada and the Departed lovers the band released TWO videos this week. One is a music video the other is a "docu-video," of sorts, in which they address many issues, including one for fans of the now defunct former Red Dirt powerhouse band, Cross Canadian Ragweed.

In the "docu-video" the band explains the process and theory behind the release of their first, all original album, titled "Adventus." The new project was self written, self produced and self released. My two big takeaways? It's a rock-n-roll album, and the all but guarantee to Ragweed fans, that we're gonna love it.

Drummer Chris Doege says, "Most of the songs on the record have that energy that the old Ragweed fans were missing. Im real happy to be part of that high energy music that built up the fan base that they had."

The band's debut album "This is Indian Land" was a a cover album that charted three No.1 singles in Texas. Their current single “Worth the Fight” is out to radio now. "Adventus" drops November 13th (pre-order it here).

Here's the music video, enjoy.