Who’s the next breakout star in the Texas, Red Dirt scene? Well, if you trust Texas stalwarts like Aaron Watson and Kevin Fowler, they've both told me -- on separate occasions mind you -- that title goes to Cody Johnson. Not a bad endorsement. And this Wednesday (Feb. 27) you can catch Texas' next breakout star at Tyler's all new Coaches and Cowboys.

So, his peers are on board. What about the folks who book concerts and bring acts into their venues week in and week out? In talking with a few friends in the live music scene, the consensus is Cody Johnson puts on one of the best and most dynamic live shows. And it’s no secret, despite being a young act, his draw is rapidly expanding.

Ok, peers and venues check. But how’s his radio play? In one word, ridiculous.

The debut single off Johnson’s debut album, “Six Strings, One Dream,” titled “Nobody to Blame” shot to No. 6. The follow up, “Pray for Rain,” went all the way to No. 1. His third release, “Texas Kind of Way,” peaked at No. 6, but was the second most played song of 2011 (behind “Crazy Girl” from a little band called Eli Young).

And from his sophomore album “A Different Day,” the first radio single “Diamond in My Pocket” raced to No. 1. More recently, his summer 2012 smash “Guilty as Can Be” was guilty as can be of being his third No. 1. And his current single "I Don't Care" is making it's way up the chart right now.

The way I see it, when your peers, venues and radio are all in agreement, there is without a doubt something there.

Click here to buy your tickets to see him at Coaches and Cowboys (Feb. 27). Or be sure to check the Radio Texas, LIVE! facebook page, ya cheapskate -- we'll have a couple chances to win passes over there Wednesday.