It doesn't matter what channel you're watching, it seems that every time the TV is on there is some sort of reality show on. Mostly shows of people singing their way to the top. Shows like American Idol, The Voice, and more have launched stars for many many years. But did you know that there are a handful of reality shows that are strictly for country music?

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    Nashville Star

    Nashville Star came about in 2003 after American Idol became a smash hit. It produced stars such as Miranda Lambert, Chris Young, and Kacey Musgraves. The final show aired in 2008.

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    Gone Country

    Gone Country premiered on CMT and only ran for three seasons. John Rich of Big & Rich put celebrities in a house together and attempted to turn them into country artists.

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    Can You Duet

    Can You Duet aired on CMT, and allowed different duos to compete against others for a record deal. They even paired up duos who weren't originally a pair. Steel Magnolia and Joey and Rory are just two of the duos to come from the show.

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    CMT's Next Superstar

    CMT's Next Superstar was a mix of Nashville Star and Survivor. Contestants lived in a house together and fought to become the next superstar. Unfortunately, this series only lasted one season.

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