Recently ET native Curtis Grimes from NBC's The Voice called in to Radio Texas Live and I made some bold predictions including:

1. Curtis will be battling Emily Valentine

2. Curtis's battle will take place Tuesday May31 (tonight)

3. Curtis and Emily Valentine's battle song will be Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 2003 smash ‘Crazy In Love’

Hear our conversation here after the jump.

Welp, I am 2 for 3. Curtis and Valentine WILL be dueling.  And it WILL take place tonight, however I was a little off on the song.

If you saw the preview for tonight's show you all ready know Grimes and Valentine will be singing one of the biggest songs in the entire world the past 2 years, a song that was a number 1 smash in country as well as a crossover smash on the pop chart.  It  is in fact the most downloaded country song of all time. Their fate will be decided by who impresses coach Cee-Lo most singing Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now".

So with the American Idol completely over  if you haven't started watching 'NBC's The Voice' now is the time Harmony High School graduate and Gilmer, TX native Curtis Grimes WILL be on tonight 9pm on NBC.