So our boy, Gilmer Native and Harmony High School graduate Curtis Grimes finally had his battle air on NBC last night.  A battle that paired him up with Hollywood rocker chick Emily Valentine and not only did Curtis out-duel Valentine, he kissed her, hard! On National television!.. Niiice.

Way to go Curtis, whether or not it was planned or spur of the moment (I'm leaning toward planned)  ya'll are geniuses.  We will talk with Grimes this Saturday on Radio Texas Live and get to the bottom of everything.  Check out the awesome performance, the unexpected kiss and the hilarious coach reactions below.

And a big congratulations to Curtis from The RTX Crew and all of us here at KNUE for representing East Texas so well!  Be sure to like his new Voice Facebook page by clicking here.  And don't miss NBC's The Voice and Curtis Grimes as the show moves on to the live rounds next Tuesday, at it's new time 8pm.  Oh yeah and Curtis Grimes for governor of Texas!!