I've got this friend who always has to one-up everything I do. I tell a story about catchin' a five-pound bass, he shares about the time he caught a seven-pounder. I brag about drinkin' a thirty-pack last Saturday, and he claim's he drinks two every Wednesday. Pretty sure we've all got one of those friends. But it occurs to me Curtis Grimes may be confused about how the whole one-upper thing works, because our Gilmer boy plays the one-upper game -- except he does it with himself.

Curtis' latest single, "Irresponsible," became his first top 10 single on the Texas Regional Radio Report, reaching No. 8 this past week. He called into Radio Texas, LIVE! to talk about it.

Check out our conversation:

But that wasn't enough for the Harmony High School graduate. Just two days removed from finding out that news, Grimes sang the National Anthem before Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Way to go Curt, you went ahead and one-upped yourself. Check out the video.

Curt did great, didn't miss a single word or note -- don't look now but he just one-upped five-time Grammy Award winner and NBC The Voice coach Christina Aguilera. Remember this 2011 Super Bowl fiasco?

Way to go, Curt.