What do you think about the study that came out saying annual medical check-ups are not necessary? The study shows that patients who had regular general health checkups died of cardiovascular disease and cancer at virtually the same rate as those who did not have checkups.

Sounds a little crazy, but some respected physicians are agreeing in some ways to the studies findings. The study was done globally over a span of 50 years, involving 183,000 patients. But there are tests that you should get every two years, including blood pressure, cholesterol and a flu shot.

General health checkups have been recommended for a long time as part of health care. Multiple studies have shown that serious conditions often occur incidentally, during totally unrelated exams, such as general health checkups.

Besides seeing a doctor when you're not feeling well, now the experts are saying you can see your doctor every year, but more for conversation about your sleep, stress and basically what's going on in your life, instead of testing. So in a way I guess they suggest you check in with your doctor every year and do tests every two years.

Now the study did show some increased diagnosis of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and certain chronic diseases. I would keep up appointments for these conditions, especially if those conditions are apart of your family history.

This reminds me of what came out in recent years concerning mammograms for women younger than 50 and screening for prostate cancer. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has recommended against broad application of either test in the general population.

The research also covered the potential harms of broadly applied screening tests and subjecting patients to unnecessary procedures and treatments that have the potential of being harmful, not to mention to added cost to healthcare.

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