Eight. If you asked me how many No. 1 singles Josh Abbott has had in row, that's the number I'd put my money on. And while as far as I know there's no reliable place online to check this (if you know of a place let me know, please), topping the Texas charts and selling out venues has become almost expected for the popular Idalou native. Last week, before heading to yet another sold out show at Coaches and Cowboys in Tyler, Josh Abbott Band stopped by our studio to perform for some lucky listeners. If you didn't make it, here's what you missed.

"Brushy Creek."

"She's Like Texas."

"I'll Sing About Mine."


This Saturday (March 3rd) Josh, Austin and P-Tone also known as The Josh Abbott Band will be my guests on Radio Texas, LIVE! Should be fun, so tune on in.

Here's pictures from the JAB sold out show last week, at the all new Coaches and Cowboy's.