We have our Big Bass Bash coming up and that got me thinking. What do I think about when I think about bass tournaments? One name comes to mind, Bill Dance. Do you remember good ole Bill? Find out how you could be the next Bill Dance. 

There were many afternoons of my childhood spent watching the Bill Dance Outdoors show. My family are big bass fishing people. In fact, my aunt and uncle are still competing in tournaments all over Texas. Those two and my father took me out on to the water most weekends, so listening to what Bill Dance had to say was useful. But, his expertise wasn't my favorite part of the show.

Bill Dance is famous for two things, his fishing skills and his blooper reels. This man just never seemed to get things right. Falling in the water, equipment going crazy, and hooks in feet, these blooper reels are still hilarious. Remember them?

Don't take this man as nothing but just a laughing matter. Bill Dance will forever be a legend in the fishing and outdoor world. How did he become such a famous fisherman?

Dance wasn't suppose to be a professional fisherman. He was set to follow in generations of family tradition and become a doctor. Then, one fateful night everything changed. Bill Dance was headed home and came across a horrible motorcycle crash. He was first on the scene to help the motorist. He later explained that the horrific experience was the end of his drive to become a doctor. Though he was enrolled in medical school in Memphis, Tennessee, Bill Dance decided he wouldn't be able to live the doctor's life. So, what did he do?

He fished. Bill Dance explained that, "I’d always loved to fish." he competed in tournament after tournament. His victories in these endless tournaments won him a lure manufacturer's sponsorship. This sponsorship led to his fame.

From his show to his own line of fishing products and then to a magazine. Bill Dance is a big deal. Think about it, you could end up like him.

How can you be more like Bill Dance? By fishing, of course! He got his start from the many tournaments he participated in, so you should hit the water and compete yourself. Where should you begin? At KNUE's Big Bass Bash tournament, of course!

It can't be promised that you will get a national TV show from taking part in this tournament, but you do get a chance for a lot of money. Let Bill Dance make the blooper reels, you can go make the money.

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Good luck to all you participating! I wish for the biggest bass for you, enough to make Bill Dance proud. Hopefully, without any bloopers.