Donny Osmond, the last man to win Dancing With the Stars (Season 9 in November, 2009), predicts that "Kendra is going home" because of her bad attitude. Read more after the jump.

"I'm so passionate about this show, obviously since I won it -- hello? I know what everyone's going through."He said Hines Ward, at the top of the leader board, is doing a great job, but "he's got to sustain it," so that's a dangerous position.  The other dangerous position is second-to-the-last. "If you're in the last position, the audience rallies. If you're in second-to-last, you get forgotten about."

Do you think Donny has a point? Kendra may feel better after making it through to another week. It could just been a lack of confidence. We'll see how next week goes.