Despite the fact growing up I wasn't always required to do so, for me wearing my seat belt is second nature. In fact I actually feel uncomfortable in my truck if I don't have it on. But for the rest of you daredevils who only wear yours to prevent tickets, China may be on to something big.

It seems many of our Chinese friends feel as you do about seat belts, they hate them. Whether it's uncomfortable, un-cool or it wrinkles their kimonos, they don't wanna wear theirs either. So one enterprising person (or a few of them, I'm not sure) came up with the seat belt t-shirt.

If you're confused about how it works, it's simple. When wearing the t-shit, it gives the illusion of the wearer wearing his/her seat belt. Theoretically fooling would be ticket-giving police officers into thinking you have on your seat belt. But Haha! Not you. Got 'em!

I see two problems,

1. It'd be cool at first, but after a while I'd tire of wearing the same shirt everyday.
2. The fake seat belt t-shirt, protects you in an accident the same as any other t-shirt in your dresser -- not at all.