OK, now this is crazy! Or is it? They now have a phone app that will influence your dreams for your iPhone. Dream:ON was designed by Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire in Britain, who said it may be possible to influence dreams by monitoring people's sleep patterns to figure out when they go into REM sleep (when dreaming happens), and then play soundscapes designed to create a certain dream.

Here's how it works:

After placing the phone on the bed, the app can detect when a sleeper is not moving , this signals the app that the person maybe dreaming. Then it plays a customized "soundscape," that you chose, to help your dreams give you a pleasant experience like; lying on a beach with the waves lapping, or walking in the woods with birds chirping.

During the night the app monitors your movements as you sleep. Then it gives a chart of how much you move around in your sleep. When the app senses you are moving out of REM sleep, it will sound a soft alarm that should wake you up. Then, it asks you to submit a brief description of your dreaming experience into a "dream catcher" database.

Wow! Well we hear it all time -- "there's an app for that!" I guess it's true!

What's your favorite app on your smartphone?