A doctor from Newton-Wellesley Hospital was drunk and on drugs when she crashed her SUV into traffic. The driver, ER doctor Kristin Howard 58, was named Doctor of The Year at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in 2009. A surveillance video shows the SUV crashing over a strip of grass and onto its front wheels, then smashing into a line of traffic. Officials say Dr. Howard was both drunk and on drugs when the crash occurred.

Paul McDonald, who was hit by Dr. Howard's SUV was not badly injured but had this to say:

 “ It was like a bomb went off in the car, that’s really all I remember, I was in total shock. When she exited the car she was unsteady, and was lethargic."


Police say the incident started in the Whole Foods parking lot when Dr. Howard backed over a fence twice, hit a van and tried to flee the scene. Reports say prescription drugs were also found in her car. The prescription was written by the doctor herself.

She is now recovering from broken ribs and major bruises. Dr. Howard has been relieved of her duties at the hospital pending an investigation.