Granger Smith and I go back a few years, in fact I recall messaging him on Myspace to set up an in-studio visit (is it called messaging on Myspace?) The multifaceted Granger is a musician first, and a video maker second. This, despite the fact he has uploaded many more videos to YouTube than released singles to radio.

What was so cool to me then about about what he was doing, and still is today, I really felt like I got to know him and his band through YouTube. Some of the videos were very funny, and some were just ehh, but all of them shed insight to a band I hadn't met yet. The videos intrigued me.

Nearly four years, two albums, numerous singles, hundreds of live show and countless, in-studios, phoners and YouTube videos later, Granger has seen his fan base grow in East Texas, throughout Texas and even outside of Texas.

And now thanks to one YouTube character, Granger has done something not many independent Texas and Red Dirt artists have -- had a video viewed over one million times.

Hear my conversation with Granger here:

The video that catapulted him to the upper echelon of YouTube was "Earl Dibbles Jr. (Country Boy)." Granger's character, which he says is based on actual members of his own family, has really resonated with his audience, and a whole new audience. For proof of that look no further than the fact that the single debuted on iTunes at No. 1 the first day it was released in early June.

And now another huge milestone for Granger and his alter-ego. Last week the original video surpassed one million views, and the music video isn't far behind. "[Getting a million views] as an independent artist was a really big deal to me," Granger told me, "because that was a goal that I set a long time ago, when I started making videos."

And don't worry Dibbles fans, "Earl is not done yet" says Granger, "as far as music, he's going to have another song... I can't say what, or when, but we're pumped about that."

Of course the biggest beneficiary of Earl's popularity is Granger himself. His new single "We Do it in a Field" which debuted last week on Radio Texas, LIVE!, sold over 5,000 digital downloads in it's first week on iTunes. That is amazing.

Granger told me he really enjoys incorporating a new single into his live shows, "It's always exciting, it's new life and new energy. We've been opening the show with it, which gives me energy right at the top."

He explained, "When the lights go down and we're ready to start, it's kinda that little flutter in the stomach, like oh gosh I hope I remember the words. I like that feeling because it keeps me from getting complacent when I go out [on stage]."

Will Granger and Earl be forever linked? Probably, but that's definitely not a bad thing. Granger Smith's new (untitled as of yet) album is due out in the spring of 2013, so keep an eye out for it. And of course for the new Dibbles video and song.

While you wait, I'm going to try to figure out "Freddy's Enchiladas" wasn't his breakout character. It's funny too.