In a completely bizarre domestic violence case, an East Texas man has been arrested after allegedly hitting his wife not only with his fists, but also with a pipe used for smoking meth. He allegedly threatened her with a "long sword," as well.

James Fetzer, 41, was booked into Angelina County Jail for assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony charge. He also was charged with resisting arrest. Fetzer has already posted an $11,500 bail and was released.

According to news reports and the arrest affidavit, Fetzer returned to his home in Huntington (Texas) after being gone for several days. After his wife approached him outside their home to ask him not to start an argument, Fetzer left but later returned with a sword.

He allegedly used the sword to choke his wife, and stopped after young children in the home started screaming. The report says Fetzer later started hitting his wife with a meth pipe because he wanted her to "smoke meth and have sex with him." He also punched his wife five to 10 times before police were called and he was arrested.