A woman from New Boston, Texas, has reportedly been arrested by the FBI in connection with mailing letters containing the poison ricin and sending them to public officials, including President Obama.

KSLA in Shreveport is reporting Shannon Richardson has been arrested and was seen going into a federal courthouse in Texarkana this morning. No formal charges have been announced.

Both Shannon Richardson and her husband, Nathan, were questioned last week by the FBI before her arrest. According to the report, Shannon allegedly tipped the FBI that her husband was the one sending the letters. Both were questioned last week.

Letters containing ricin, which can be deadly, were reportedly sent to President Obama, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and his gun control group in Washington, D.C.

Nathan Richardson filed for divorce from his wife on Thursday (June 6). His attorney told KSLA he believes Nathan Richardson is being set up by his wife. Shannon Richardson is pregnant, however, and their divorce will not be final until the baby is born.