Music from Legendary artist  Elton John was chosen as the theme on American Idol last night. Elton has tons of great music and it seems the Idol contestants were up for the challenge! More after the Jump.

Scotty McCreery chose an obvious song for his performance: 'Country Comfort.' With his acoustic guitar, named Scarlet, in hand, McCreery performed with a pianist and a pedal-steel player. McCreery, like any seasoned veteran performer, gave his grandmother in the audience a shout out from the stage. Aw, how sweet, right?

Goodbye, bushy beard. Hello, reborn Casey. If there were one singer to nail the emotional aspects of Elton's music, it was Casey. Casey hit all the right notes with 'Your Song.' Haley Reinhart rose to the occasion with her rendition of  'Bennie and the Jets.'  Side note- ( My first 45 was 'Bennie and The Jets.' )

Who will be voted off tonight? This will be a tough one!