These days, almost everyone has a Facebook page. The one person out of hundreds who has opted out of the trend probably lives under a rock and does not even know what the internet is. But, why is everyone on the social media site? What is the cause behind all of this "all about me" internet flurry? 

With the addition of the smartphone app, Facebook can be accessed from anywhere now. Away from home is no longer a problem to be connected with all of your friends on Facebook. But, why do we need this constant access to each other? Aren't cell phones and email enough? Apparently not.

What makes Facebook different?

For a while, Myspace was the big craze. Everyone was committed to updating their profile picture, posting a new status, and getting the latest and greatest background. People were even paying for Myspace backgrounds and other things to spruce up their page. But, then Myspace was pushed aside for the more sleek Facebook pages. Sure, going to check out a friend's page and not waiting half an hour for all of their page decorations to load was a great improvement of Facebook's programming to Myspace's.

Soon after Facebook became public to those outside of just collage students and all of the differences Facebook made killed Myspace. Now everyone looks back to Xanga and Myspace as distant memories.

Now that everyone is located on one site and checking it every waking moment, we all must wonder why we are so addicted.

Businesses are obviously all over the site to promote themselves and their products. Bands, artists, celebrities, TV shows, etc. all have their own pages also to promote themselves and extend their audiences. Is that why "regular" people are on Facebook?

It seems that some are using the site to promote themselves, but it is to a unusual audience. People are posting new pictures every day and posting statuses about themselves every blink of the eye, and it seems to just be feeding their ego or to show off on another's newsfeed. Persons who do this have many different motives.