East Texas is known for it's rich beauty and hospitable people. From the luscious landscape to it's many glorious lakes, East Texas is a gem! Being a native East Texan, I am extremely proud of our beauty and the people who make it special. East Texas is filled with so  much talent that it boggles the mind!

Where to start -- from great athletes, singers, actors and actresses to political figures and humanitarians. East Texas has so much to be proud of. Miranda Lambert, Neal McCoy, Earl Campbell, Lee Ann Womack, Linda Davis, Chris Davis, Adrian Peterson, Lovie Smith, Sandy Duncan and the list goes on and on.


The whole world knows that  Texans  love our football! When it's High school football season in East Texas, everyone from every town,  is at a game on Friday night cheering on their favorite teams! Sports is huge in the south and has produced many stand outs!

Tyler native, Earl Campbell 'The Tyler Rose,' as he is often referred to as, played high school football at John Tyler High and was one of the all time greatest running backs to play the game!  Earl of course went on to live his dream of playing in the NFL with the Houston Oilers. Earl was drafted in round 1 and was the #1 pick! This awesome running back  played for the Oilers from 1978 - 1984! Earl also played for the New Orleans Saints from 1984 - '85.  Campbell received  the  Heisman Trophy when he played for the University of Texas.  He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Hall of Fame as well!

Of course I've told the story of seeing 'The Tyler Rose' win the 4A state title for John Tyler High school  in 1973! What a thrill! After retirement, Earl went on to start his own successful business with Earl Campbell Sausages.

Other awesome athletes from East Texas;

Texas Ranger - Chris Davis of Longview, Texas

Minnesota Viking - Adrain Peterson of Palestine,Texas

Head Coach of the Chicago Bears - Lovie Smith, born in Gladewater, Texas  and raised in Big Sandy, Texas

Green Bay Packers - Matt Flynn of Tyler, Texas


Does East Texas have famous and talented singers?  DUH! East Texas is brimming with talented, famous singers, and talent that has yet to be 'discovered!' Just attend local festivals from Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville to Grand Saline, Canton, Athens, Henderson, Kilgore  and beyond and you'll see some of the best of the best!

Neal McCoy of Longview, Texas is not only the nicest guy you'd EVER meet, but is an awesome entertainer.

No doubt about it, in the 20 years since he released his first single, Neal McCoy – the one-of-a-kind country singer and consummate live performer – has enjoyed every minute of his long, successful career. Even with 11 albums, over 25 charted singles and countless thousands of touring miles already under his big belt buckle, the Longview, Texas-based artist has no intention of slowing down.

Neal is certainly a special man with loads of talent. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention his tireless efforts to help families and children with special needs with The East Texas Angel Network. The dedication and generosity that is Neal McCoy, is what makes him so special. And it's what makes me proud to be from East Texas!

More talented singers from East Texas;

Lindale, Texas Native - Miranda Lambert

Jacksonville, Texas  Native - Lee Ann Womack

Dotson and Jacksonville, Texas - Linda Davis

East Texas Natives - JB and The Moonshine Band

Carthage, Texas native - Brandon Rhyder


Hey Ladies...does Matthew McConaughey ring a bell? Longview, Texas native Matthew McConaughey is the perfect example of 'small town guy' makes it BIG! With huge films like, 'A Time To Kill,' 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days," 'The Wedding Planner," " The Lincoln Lawyer," and (the film that got him noticed) "Dazed and Confused" no one can doubt his talent and ability.

This People Magazines Sexist Man Alive has without question,  done good!

I have to add this little tid bit, I graduated from Longview High with Matthew's brother Patrick!

Other famous East Texas Actors/Actresses

Born In Henderson, Texas and raised in Tyler, Texas - Sandy Duncan

Longview, Texas native - Forest Whitaker