The past two days I've been sharing Memorial Day themed songs and videos from Texas artists but the next song I'm sharing is from a Mississippi based rock group.

Definitely a different type of band, but there are two reasons for me sharing this particular song.

1. It's a great song.

2. While serving in Iraq from 2003-04 I had a friend who would blast this song every morning. Y'all, he listened to it, on repeat while he'd get dressed every. Single. Morning. And it'd take at least four times through for him to get ready. I really started getting tired of hearing it.

But it was only after he shared a few things with me that were going on back home, that I realized this song was helping to get him through our deployment. Now every time I hear it, it reminds me of him.

For Memorial Day here's, 3 Doors Down 'Here Without You'