How does a free divorce sound for Valentine'sDay ? Well, attorney Walter H. Bentley III of Southfield, Mich., is giving one of his clients just that --  a free Valentine's Day divorce. He got the idea from a student in his night school class he teaches.

The student invited him to her "my divorce is final" party. The party was celebrating the fact that his student's divorce was final and that she could move on with her life. So that gave Bentley the idea of giving a couple a free divorce for Valentine's Day.

The contest is chosen based on a couple's story. So, the most convincing and compelling story wins. It has some stipulations, too. Now don't get to excited, the contest is limited to Michigan residents only. But if you're reading this from Michigan, you still have time, the deadline for applying is 11:59 p.m. EST on February 12. So far, the site has over 500 applicants.

Is there no romance in the world anymore? Happy Valentine's Day -- any way you spend it.