Remember when you were sixteen and having your own 'ride' was all you could think about? Some of us had to work for that 'ride,' whether it was making the grades at school, working a part time job, even a summer job. Whatever the situation, we were determined  to get that 'ride' that consumed our every thought!

A lot of you like me, got hand-me-downs from our older siblings. So I inherited a beautiful (that's debatable) 1974 or '75  gold Toyota pickup from my older brother Jeffrey. I remember before I actually got my 'ride' I would inform Jeffrey that he was driving too fast and reckless in 'my' soon to be baby! (He didn't care of course!)

Lucy, (that's what I named her) had a matching camper, shag carpet in the back with a bean bag chair! Cool right? I didn't have a stereo though,  it had gotten stolen, but I made do with a tape recorder! Ha Ha! It was a standard shift and it had a hole in the floor where the shift was. Lucy had been driven hard by my brother, but to me, she was like brand spankin' new. Lucy was my 'freedom,' my best friend! They don't make 'em like her anymore! I know I have a picture of Lucy somewhere, but for now this pic will have to do. Just image the truck gold with a matching camper, oh, and really cool!

What was you first 'ride?'