When I read this story, I could not believe what I was reading. For any teenager, prom is a really big night, but for students at Wilcox County High School, in Rochelle, Ga., it has been more than 40 years in the making. I know it's 2013 people, but for the first time ever, students at Wilcox County High School, danced together at a prom that wasn’t segregated.

For decades, the school board has avoided officially endorsing prom festivities, instead relying on parents to host and control invitations leading to year after year of two dances — one for white students, and one for the black students. (Close your mouths, you'll catch flies!).

Students have tried over the years to end the practice, but to no avail, until this year, a group of seniors decided to take matters into their own hands. The four girls, two black and two white, created a Facebook page asking for support and donations to fund an independent prom that would be open to all students.

According to ABCNews.com, here's what a student had to say:

“We were doing that so we could get the word out, so that some people would be able to donate and help us out with what we were doing,” said senior Mareshia Rucker.

Last Saturday night, nearly half of the school’s student body came out to the prom.

“Hopefully when everything is said and done, people in our county will really realize, that there is no sense in the way things are right now,”

Even though this year the kids made a groundbreaking statement, there was still a  segregated prom attended only by white students. It wasn’t an officially sanctioned event, but a private one that was organized by white parents. What a shame.