It's January and that means a fresh new year and an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and give the gift of life! Once again KNUE is teaming up with Carter Bloodcare, to help raise the blood supply in East Texas.

Every pint of blood counts! You've probably; hear heard this a million times, but it's worth saying it again, 1 pint of blood can save up the 3 precious lives!

Why do we have the drive in January? Good question. During the holidays, most people are out of town, busy or just in the holiday mood. So that means that there is less people donating than usual. So that means that the blood supply gets dangerously low. When that happens, it means that people that need that blood, may not get it. So it is important to be apart of this blood drive and all blood drives really.

I know we can count on you guys to help us raise the blood supply in East Texas this year by being a part of the KNUE 'Call to arms' blood drive. Remember, it starts Monday!

Everyone that donates will get a "Call to Arms" T-Shirt and will have a chance to win a Sony PS4 Game System!