Imagine strolling on the beach, taking in the sights, the sounds of the waves crashing the shore, then out of nowhere - a giant eyeball is looking back at you?! That's exactly what happened to a Pompano Beach, Florida man. Gino Covacci was strolling down the beach on Wednesday and saw something that looked like a big ball, so he checked it out. When he looked closer he realized it was a blue eyeball, the size of a soft ball.

Covacci thought it might be an eye from a squid or octopus.  The Wildlife Conservation Commission, has preserved the eye and sent it to St. Petersburg for analysis.

Here's what a spokesman told about the finding:

 "Because of bone around the eye, we can probably rule out a squid."

Squid and Octopus are invertebrates. Meaning they have no bones.

So what could the eye be?