For most kids, finding out you're going to be a big brother or big sister is a really exciting thing. My situation was a bit different because my parents are divorced. My mom told me she was expecting and the baby was due that August. I told my dad I wanted to stay at his house because when the baby started crying, and they proceeded to tell me that they too were expecting a baby due about the same time as my mom. I had no where to run. My attitude eventually changed, but I wish I could have been excited as these two girls.

The back story behind this video is that the parents had been trying for a number of years to get pregnant again. When they finally did, they wanted to tell their daughters in a very memorable way. And what's more memorable than cake?

"My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for over two year," reads the caption on the YouTube video. "When we learned that we are having twins, we wanted to surprise the girls with a cake. Both of the girls were beyond surprised."