The holidays can definitely do a number on our wallets. While we know 'tis better to give than to receive, that doesn't mean we want to go broke. Read on for gift suggestions, all under $50, that'll please family and friends without busting your budget.

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    Budget Gifts for Mom

    Moms know it's the thought that counts, so scoring her a gift under $50 that'll charm and delight isn't difficult. Think: top-quality coffee or tea collections, scarves, gardening tools, spa gift card, sparkling glasses for sipping wine or holding candles, glimmering jewelry that symbolizes family and children or the simple yet indulgent present of luxury hand cream.

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    Budget Gifts for Dad

    Skip the expected tie and give dear ol' Dad something he can really use. And there's no need to go overboard in the spending department, as plenty of clever and cool gifts are priced just right. Try focusing on a beloved hobby: Pick something for the poker player, master mixologist, amateur chef or lover of fine snacks in him.

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    Budget Gifts for Kids

    It doesn't take much to please the young ones at holiday time. If expensive console games and cell phones don't fit your budget, there are scads more affordable playthings to be had. And the younger the child, the easier it is to shop for them. Just keep one word in mind: cute. Toys that are popular; for the younger age - Fijit Friends, Child proof digital cameras, or fisher price toys.Tweens - Justin Beiber CD OR Taylor Swift CD , ear buds for mp3 players, jewelry making kits, or video games. Teens - gift cards!

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    Budget Gifts for Significant Others

    There are myriad ways to express the tender emotions you feel for one another. Most methods involve a secret language only known by the two of you. And then there are those little love tokens. Treat your sweetheart with gifts like exotic florals, sweet baubles and saucy massage kits. Perfumes and cologne sets are always a great gift.

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    Budget Gifts for Friends

    The cost of holiday gifts for friends can quickly add up, so consider some elegant, indulgent, fun and practical presents under the $50 mark. Whether you're buying for a guy or a gal, we've got a diverse gathering of bargain picks, including spa gifts and even super-cool web cams. Mp3 players, iPad keyboards, blank journals, coffee gift cards, wine tool kits, digital frames, or magazine subscription.

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