Want to pamper your pets? Give them gifts that bring out the beast and the best in them. Dogs and cats love to pounce and play, and new toys mean new joys. Delicious treats are always on the gifting menu, as are soft places to sleep and sparkly new collars. Go ahead and spoil 'em!

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    Frisky Fun

    Playthings top the list of Pet presents because they provide not only fun, but the right ones also provide important physical activity. Some specialty chew toys even help prevent dental problems. Balls for chasing give the pooch something to pursue (try a ball launcher for long-distance throwing), while knotted rope tug toys help remove tartar buildup on Fido's choppers. Nab a teething ring for young pups.Toys that make sounds when a dog interacts with them are extra fun.

    Our feline friends love to be teased, so indulge their pounce-happy personalities with interactive cat toys from Panic Mouse, or a simple feather wand. The FroliCat Bolt laser toy does all the work, so you can sit back and enjoy the mayhem. And good old-fashioned catnip-stuffed felt mice (and other catnip-infused toys) are certainly the cat's meow. My cats Phineas, meadow and Benjamin LOVE the cat nip!

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    Chewy Greatness

    Our precious pets always appreciative a treat, so these are gifts they'll sit up and beg for. Cat snacks come in all the expected varieties, as well as organic and all-natural blends, formulas made especially for dental hygiene and recipes packed with Omega Fatty Acids to keep 'em healthy. (There's also a lactose-free milk called Cat-Sip for an extra-special treat.) Catnip in all configurations will drive normally staid cats a little nuts, and organic varieties are also available.

    Man's best friend will be more like your BFF when you toss a nice, chewy rawhide treat his (or her) way. Choose from simple knots and bones or hilariously realistic rawhide hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon strips or even frosted pastries (keep these away from hungry humans just to be on the safe side). DentaStix for dogs come in small and large sizes to fit your pooch's mouth and are clinically proven to reduce plaque. Biscuits are a quick treat, and many are fortified to support hip and joint health or to keep your dog's coat shiny and healthy.

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    Beds, Furniture and Scratchers

    Snooze Away

    While some of us surrender the furniture to the cats and dogs, others would prefer that our furry friends find their own zone. Fido will always feel fine on a specialized warming and cooling dog bed, and older dogs will benefit greatly from orthopedic beds. Cat beds are obviously made on a smaller scale but offer the same comfort. If you've already got a sleeping setup for your pet but want to make it cozier, try a warming pad. They come in two varieties: corded for continual warmth, and microwaveable for when their bed isn't close to an outlet.

    Kitty condos, clubhouses and caves offer much more than a place to snooze. Some are simple setups good for a single-cat household, while others have multi-tiered levels that go to the ceiling and provide places to get wild or hide. Scratching posts are usually included in these towers, but you can get a myriad variety of stand-alone floor scratchers and scratching mats that keeps them from turning their claws loose on your upholstery. Got an indoor cat? Window perches let 'em gaze comfortably at the great outdoors.

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    Clothing, Collars and Tags

    Fashion and Saftey

    This last category of pet gift ideas will likely please us humans more than their loyal companions. While dogs might feel a little warmer in a cute knit sweater, it's really for the people around her that love it. Fleece pullovers keep the pup snuggled up, while hooded raincoats for rainy weather keeps 'em dry. If Spot or Fluffy's collar has seen better days, consider a new one that is glowing with bright colors, gilded with rhinestones or personalized with the pet's name and your contact info. Tags are another way to I.D. your beloved animals, and there are thousands on the market to choose from.

    Harnesses are easier on pets than a traditional collar-and-leash setup, and they're made for various sizes of dogs -- and yes, even cats who like to stroll with their owners. And if you have an indoor-outdoor cat, consider a gift for the birds: a collar with a bell that warns our feathered friends of her approach.