To celebrate the end of the school year, it's time to have some fun with yearbook photos and your favorite country stars! And if you participate, it could win you a $100 gas card!

Here's how it works, we'll post two yearbook photos of current country artists. All you have to do is down in the comment section below is post who you think they are. Everyone who correctly guesses the two country stars will be put into a drawing to win a $100 Shell gift card!

And we all could use some extra gas money in our pockets, right?

In order to be qualified, you MUST post your guesses in the comment section directly below this story. BOTH artists must be guessed correctly to be qualified to win.

Without further adieu, here are the pictures!



There ya' have it, so all that's left is to post your answers below. Be sure both of your guesses are in the same post, and remember, you must guess BOTH correctly to be qualified to win. Everyone who answers correctly will be put into a drawing, and one winner will be drawn for the $100 gas card.

The deadline to guess is 11:59 p.m. tonight (May 31). The winner will be announced tomorrow morning (Friday, June 1). Good luck!