Happy birthday to the coolest dude, well, ever!

The redheaded stranger Willie Nelson is 79 years old today. I've seen Willie in concert in Austin several times, Tyler, Dallas/Ft. Worth a few times and I never get tired of his show! It is always awesome and totally cool.

What makes Willie Nelson so cool -- I think it's his attitude and the freedom I feel when I hear him sing and play that old ragged guitar, Trigger! I don't know if Willie would agree with me, but he is a legend. His unique nasal voice, his music which is jazzy, bluesy, country, rockabilly and folk all rolled into one, the  way he plucks his guitar, the way he dresses and keeps his hair long, it works. It is so Willie.

There is no other artist like him and there probably never will be.

Willie seems to live his life on "his" terms, not how other people think he should live his life, and he has definitely lived a crazy life.

In honor of Willie's 79th birthday, join with me in celebrating with my five favorite Willie Nelson songs of all-time. No. 1 is a no-brainer for me, and it will always stay that way!

1. 'Always On My Mind'

2. 'Whiskey River'

3. 'Crazy'

4. 'Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground'

5. 'Pancho and Lefty'