The Dirty River Boys aren't exactly well known in East Texas... yet. Tonight that changes as they takeover Tyler, Texas courtesy of what will one day be known as "The Night The Dirty River Boys Took Over East Texas" and it's happening at Electric Cowboy.

I'm not gonna lie, two weeks ago they were just a band I'd heard of in passing. Today I am the newest Dirty River Boy fan -- What!? They're good. Go by the Radio Texas, LIVE! facebook for your chance to get on our guest list.

They guys stopped by the station a little bit ago and left a video message just for you, here it is.

Just found out tickets are actually just $5, doors open at 7 p.m. If you need more convincing here's a video from a concert at Lubbock's Blue Light -- notice how much fun everyone is having. That could be you tonight.

Still on the fence, check out "Boomtown."

Doors open a 7 p.m. concert kicks-off at 9:30, $5 tickets all night plus great drink specials. No excuses, school's out and you've gone to work hung-over before. See y'all tonight!