Calling all women who carry a purse! I have just about had it with purses, well it's more like I'm tired of trying to find something in my purse. Ladies, I know you know, exactly what I'm talking about. And the bigger the purse, the more aggravating it becomes.

I was talking with a bunch of girls this morning at the office, and they brought up how irritating it is to try and find something in their purse. Boy, that got a conversation started that got us hens cackling!

It doesn't matter how many pockets, zippers and what not, is in that purse for so-called "better organization," it doesn't make any difference. First of all, who puts things in their perspective places - every time? Nobody, that's who.

Women have so much going on in their lives, that trying to find the right "compartment" in your purse, is just silly. Between running a household, getting kids up and ready for school, driving them around to all their activities, going to work all day, cleaning the house, doing the chores and making sure something is on the table to eat, you just don't have time to even think. Much less find the right place to put something in your purse.

In fact, half of our families stuff is in our purse too. Yes, the kids decide they want you to tote it around. Heck even my husband wants me to put his keys and phone in my purse. So that's my stuff, plus my kids stuff and my husbands stuff, that's a lot of stuff.

Am I right ladies? I thought so. We just drop it in the purse and don't think about it until we start to look for something, and we can't find it! It's like the purse becomes this "bottomless pit" never to been seen again. It's crazy.

You've all seen this little scenario - a woman is in a store, unhappily looking for something in her purse, and than you see her pour the entire contents of her purse on the ground or counter, whatever. Stuff is everywhere, right!? But she always seems to find what she was looking for. Then there's the task of putting it all back in the purse. (Guys, if you ever see that happening, or you witness that from your wife, mother or girlfriend, do yourself a favor and keep your lips shut!)

What's the deal girls? We are intelligent women with many talents and attributes. I wish I knew girls, I wish I knew.