The 46th CMA's were pretty darn good this year. Usually award shows seem to go on and on and on, but last night the show had a good clip to it. Of course the day after, everybody is talking about their least favorite and most favorite parts of the show. So I'm gonna throw in my two cents.  Two words - Kelly & Vince - what! Their duet was what the young folks say - "sick"! I just hope the record label sends that to radio, pronto. There's not a better tenor in country music then Vince Gill. Kelly Clarkson, well, it's Kelly Clarkson. The duet "Don't Rush" brought the house down.

The tribute to Willie Nelson was an incredible all-star event. The Red-Headed Stranger was awarded the CMA Lifetime Achievement Award, and I think Willie was seriously moved.

Come on, Lady Antebellum killed it with "Crazy", then just when you thought it couldn't get better, Keith Urban and Blake Shelton, accompanied by Nelson's longtime harmonica player, Mickey Raphael,  knocked it out the park with a rendition of "Whiskey River"  What impressed most about Blake and Keith's performance, Blake has never sounded better and Keith complimented him with his incredible clean vocals and extraordinary guitar riffs. It was great seeing Faith and Tim together on the stage. They sounded perfect on Willie's "Good Hearted Woman".

But the best part was Willie himself singing his classic song, "On The Road Again". Willie -  you still got it!

Keith Urban and Zac Brown teamed up to perform "Georgia Woods," a song featured on his 2010 album, "Get Closer". It blew me away. Why in the world the Zac Brown Band gets looked over every year is beyond me. These guys are the most talented group in country music - and they are really "country"! I think the CMA Association may be playing politics, but that's for another post.

Last, but definitely not the least, the "shout out to Andy Griffith. Yes, I teared up!

 Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill "Don't Rush"

Willie Nelson Tribute

Keith Urban and Zac Brown "Georgia Woods"