We've all seen it before, the overbearing parents of kids who play sports interfering with the games in one way or the other. Well, one Boston mom attending her sons hockey game, has taken the stereotype of fanatic parent to a whole new level. Here's what the Huffington Post reported about the event:

When a fight broke out during a youth Boston Raptors vs Tribe game, she walked right out onto the ice and reprimanded the refs and the players. In her defense, one of the refs was "just standing there."

The referees  weren't happy with mom actions and her "not so nice" language. But whatever mom said "got the job" done, because right after getting involved, the fight stopped.  (Moms have that ability you know.)

A recent national survey found many young athletes wish their parents wouldn't even attend their games. The kid's say it's too distracting. I wonder what this mom's kid thinks about the situation.

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