If some random woman you didn't know, asked to swim in your pool - would you say yes? Beware, cause most likely something is up - and I don't mean something good. Hello, red flag #1

I didn't believe this story at first, but it is true. According to the Police in Crossville, Tenn., a man and woman asked a total stranger, if the woman could take a skinny dip in his pool while the man ran out to buy some cigarettes. Hello red flag #2!

While the woman swam naked, and of course the homeowner was distracted watching her, someone robbed the home of nearly $1,000 in jewelry, cash, a handgun and prescription drugs. Hmmm, I wonder who would have robbed the house? Hello, red flag #3!

“We’ve seen numerous distraction methods – asking for help looking for a dog, asking for help with gas for a stranded car and then people come back and find their home was burglarized,” Crossville Police Department Det. J.C. Hancock said. “They just took it a new level using a naked woman.”

Police said they have eliminated suspects but have not been able to locate the alleged criminals.

According to ABC News affiliate in Nashville, Tenn., News 2, the incident happened on June 27. The victim, Stephen Amaral, 54, said he gave the 30-something woman a towel when she was done swimming.

“I escorted her outside and invited her to church, but she said she didn’t have time for that, she wasn’t ready for that,” Amaral told News 2.

Well, at least he did the christian thing and invited the skinny dipper to church!