The tiny Seattle home that inspired Disney's smash animated hit movie 'Up' may be up for auction. The home is owned by Edith Macefield, and made national news when she refused to sell her home to developers. The house is currently in foreclosure.

According to the Seattle P-I, the owner owes $185,000 on the home. Additionally, if the debt is not settled the house could go up for auction on March 13. In an interesting twist, Macefield was offered $1 million for the home when the developers, Ballard Blocks, wanted to build a development in the area, and were forced to build around it.

The home was the inspiration for the animated Disney movie 'Up,' which was a touching tale about an elderly man who escapes reality and the city by taking the home to the air with balloons filled with helium.

Macefield passed away in 2008.