All the big talk in Major League Baseball for the next few days is going to be focused on the Texas Rangers, notably former second baseman Ian Kinsler.

Kinsler's new specialty is bridge-burning after an interview he gave with ESPN The Magazine, in which he said he hopes the Rangers lose every game in 2014 and he called general manager Jon Daniels a "sleazeball.'

"I hope they go 0-162," Kinsler told the magazine. "I got friends, and I love my friends, but I hope they lose their [expletive]."

The Rangers traded Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers in the offseason that brought slugger Prince Fielder to Arlington. Kinsler slammed Daniels in the story on how the trade was told to him and he also blamed the Rangers GM for Nolan Ryan's departure from the club.

"Daniels is a sleazeball," Kinsler said. "He got in good with the owners and straight pushed Ryan out. He thought all the things he should get credit for, Ryan got credit for. It's just ego. Once we went to the World Series, everybody's ego got huge, except for Nolan's."

As for Kinsler's former teammates, they don't seem too concerned with what Kinsler had to say.

"He's on a different team now. He's on a team we're trying to beat," Rangers pitcher Matt Harrison said. "I don't want them beating us and going to the playoffs, and I'm sure he was trying to say the same thing.

"No matter how good a friend you are, once you step in between the lines, all that goes away. I'm trying to get you out, no matter who you are. He's going to try to hit home runs off us just as much as anybody would. If you step on the mound, you're going to try to get your mom out. It doesn't matter who's in there."

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