I found these incredible videos and thought you guys would enjoy them. A skier falling from a ski lift and survived, a man reunited with his long lost dog after more than 10 years separated. Hey, if you find some incredible videos, please share them with us.

This first video is a sweet story about a man and his long lost Basset Hound. Jamie had always wondered what happened to his dog, Ginger. Then he read the description of a 13-year-old Basset Hound at the local Humane Society, and it had him wondering if that dog was Ginger. It's such a sweet video. If you would like to adopt a best friend, please visit "Pets Fur Friends" in Tyler.

The second video is a skier actually falling from the lift -- and lives to tell the tale. The skier was throwing snowballs when he fell from the lift.

The third video is an interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts and ABC'S Diane Sawyer, about Robin's journey with dealing with MDS.