I always thought babies are supposed to be bald? But one company doesn't agree - Baby Bang. Baby Bang believes babies should have hair, and that's why Baby Bang created baby wigs for bald babies.

Yes, wigs for babies. Baby Bangs claims to be the first and only ready-to-wear "hairstyle headbands" ever made. Their patent is pending, but the hair plus band accessory gives baby girls the look of having a complete head of hair.

No, I'm not kidding. Here is what the creator of Baby Bangs, Lisa Campbell tolds ABC News about her product:

 "Geared towards toddlers and little girls who have not been blessed with any substantial hair growth of their own as of yet."

So, what do you think? Would you buy this product for your baby girl? Not every mom would.

Lauren Jimeson, a mother of two bald baby girls, believes the product might be for those who don't like their baby girls being mistaken for boys. According to ABC News, Jimeson believes that the wig breeds insecurity at a very young age.

The creator of Baby Bangs says there is no reason that baby girls should be mistaken for being boys, and that some mothers want their baby to look their best, especially at special occasions. In fact, she recently contacted by one of the producers of the ABC show "Shark Tank."

Would you guys consider using the product?