In news that will likely make mothers everywhere wince in sympathetic pain, a 14-pound baby boy has been born in Des Moines, Iowa. -- and the parents even spent some time in East Texas.

Kendall Stewardson gave birth to the enormous bundle of joy, whom she named Asher, on Jan. 27 — and what’s more, she did it naturally and without an epidural. Doctors were worried a C-section or epidural could be harmful to either her or little (big?) Asher.

According to a report by KLTV, both Kendall and her husband, Josh, are 2008 graduates of LeTourneau University in Longview. Kendall experienced about six hours of labor without an epidural injection.

It’s not Stewardson’s first king-sized infant — just over a year ago, her son Judah was born weighing 12 pounds. Still, both the new mom and the staff at Iowa’s Mercy Medical Center were taken aback by Asher’s heft.

When he came out we all thought he was smaller [than Judah] and then we put him on the scale, we were very surprised,” Kendall said.

If you’re currently pregnant and this story has scared the daylights out of you, rest easy. According to the National Council of Health Statistics, only one in 1,000 babies weighs more than 11 pounds at birth.

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