Between John Rich and Lil John it's pretty safe to say the stereo typical American has at least re-evaluated their stereo-typical view of the stereo-typical country singer and rapper, Celebrity Apprentice has done that and raised money for so many great charities. That's the upside.

The downside that show is 2 hours long!  But regardless of it's run time the show comes to an end tonight when John Rich and Academy Award winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin square off in the live finale.  and according to John Rich has the support of LoCash Cowboys

LoCash Cowboys‘ Preston Brust — pictured above (far right) with LoCash’s Chris Lucas (far left), ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ competitor and rapper, Lil Jon, and John Rich — has been a faithful follower of Rich’s run on the show since the beginning. “John, I’ve been watching you on the ‘Apprentice,’ and I hope you win because you are country music, you are Nashville and you should be the next ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’” Brust tell Taste of Country. “I say, ‘John Rich for apprentice John Rich for president!'"

The ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ finale airs live tonight, Sunday, May 22 at 9:00PM ET on NBC