Johnny Cooper was our guest last week on Radio Texas Live. Performing live shows since he was 16, Cooper now at the age of 23, has done more live shows and has more experiences to draw from than many of his elder musicians.

Cooper's musical style is eclectic, to say the least. His mix of rock, blues, pop and country has drawn criticism from country purists and has surely cost him some radio play, but Cooper just keeps doing what he does -- putting out great Texas Music.

And for those of you critics, check out just how country he can be in "Devil in a Glass," a song he wrote and sings, inspired by the major motion picture "Deep in the Heart."

Next, we had Five Questions for Johnny, which includes the all new game sweeping Texas: "Name That Johnny!" Here it is.

"Don't Feel Like That Anymore" off the "Follow" album was a single that Johnny released to radio a couple years back. Next Johnny goes into detail about how it is a transition-sort-of song for him and his music and he sings it live, press play.

Johnny Cooper's last single "Hot Mess" was met with mixed reviews. I think it's a great song, but I also see why it'd be hard for many country radio stations to add it to regular rotation. Johnny and I discuss it and he shares a funny story about hearing it on the radio. He also lays out a timeline of sorts for his next album.

And finally we play his new single "Moving On," check it out.