Tonight Josh Abbott along with Kyle Park, Curtis Grimes and Kylie Rae Harris will be coming to Tyler for our 24th annual Festival on The Square.  If ya'll hadn't noticed our good friends at Heart O. Tyler have made it a point to focus on Texas and Red Dirt Music for their annual live music event because they have realized the huge and continually growing fan base of music made right here in Texas --and for that Heart O. Tyler we salute you.  Be sure to make it out tonight, because besides a great night full of Texas Music we've got your chance to get your hands on the brand new limited edition Radio Texas Live Koozie!

In honor of Josh Abbott's return to Tyler tonight I dug up an old conversation of ours from back in May, give it a listen to find out the following:  1. Does Josh knows the capital of Canada  2. Did John C. Reilly graduate from Texas Tech and 3. Does he have a secret formula for connecting with his female fan base?  Dudes, I suggest you take out a pen and paper now.

We had 5 Questions waiting for the biggest name in Texas Music, check out both segments of 5 Questions below. Segment 1 questions 1-2. Topics: Canada and Randy Rogers

Segment 2 questions 3-5.  Topics: Rangers, Blue Bonnets and Texas Tech alums.

Next single? New album? Find Out what's next for Josh and his music.

All right finally here's a Josh Abbott performance off The KNUE Front Porch.  It's his smash 'Oh Tonight' give it a listen! And we'll see ya'll tonight on the brick streets of Tyler, tickets will be available at the gate.