I just found out that June is "Adopt a Cat" month! How did I miss this? I have 3 precious cats and one of them I adopted from the Humane Society of East Texas. Let me tell you, they are so fun and precious to me and my family. I believe that we are responsible for all little critters.I've always been an animal lover. Growing up in Longview, we would have several cats, dogs, birds, turtles, rabbits and all kinds of animals. They were all outside pets and most of them would be strays that came up and just stayed. Heck, everybody would dump their animals in front of our house because they knew we would take them to the vet and give them a good home.

The Austin household has 3 sweet tabby cats. 1 girl - Meadow, 2 boys -  Benjamin and Phineas. They are a riot and add so much to our lives!

If you are considering taking in a shelter animal, may I suggest the Humane Society of East Texas. The shelter is a non-profit, selective admissions, no-kill animal sanctuary. If you ever take a tour, you'll see the love that theses animals receive day in and day out. The shelter takes pride in keeping everything clean and comfortable for all the animals.

My daughter Chloe volunteers her summers at the HSOET and enjoys every minute of it. You should see her face light up when she tells me that she made an adoption. It's pricelss!

I have known Gayle Helms, the Executive of HSOET for many years and there is nobody who loves and pours her heart out for theses animals then her! The place is not depressing as you might think. It's filled with love and caring.

So in honor of "Adopt a Cat" month, why not take a tour around HSOET or a shelter nearest you, and just see if find a cat, or dog, that you just can't live without.If you can't adopt, there is other ways that you can help these critters-  volunteering.

The Humane Society of East Texas is located in Tyler at 1823 CR 386, right off Loop 323. You can call for more information at 903-597-2471. Or check out the their website at HSOET.org.

Enjoy this video featuring 'Super Cats."