We, as East Texans know Kacey Musgraves.  We know she is more than that girl singing with Josh Abbott on his hugely popular "Oh, Tonight".  Her talent has been on showcase for us for years at shows, festivals and causes here in ET.  The last time I talked with Kacey was over two years ago after Miranda Lambert's "Cause For the Paws" she stopped by my show and we chatted right before she left to Nashville.

So, here we are two plus years later and not only is Kacey pursuing her dreams, Kacey's catching 'em! She was prominently featured in Josh Abbott's award winning album "She's Like Texas" she is a respected song writer, writing songs that have been cut by Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride and she  has her own album in the works.  We'll talk about all this and more this Saturday as she makes her return to East Texas radio right here on Radio Texas Live only on 101.5 KNUE.