Caleb and Candra Pence tied the knot on Saturday evening in rural Harper County, Kan. It turned out they some unexpected guest at the wedding! Two large tornadoes were the backdrop for their wedding photos. Wow!

ABC News reported the groom was trying not to be too concerned. Here's what Caleb said:

I saw the tornado forming even before the wedding started. I told my dad but he said not to worry about it."

Despite the tornadoes, the couple just focused on their big day. The tornadoes were a part of the wedding in the background, but at least the twisters steered clear of the Pence family farm where the wedding was taking place.

The Groom, being a Kansas native has had some experience with tornadoes and knew they were headed away from the ceremony, but didn't want his Bride, who is from Nebraska, to be worried on her wedding day.  In fact the Bride had never seen a tornado before. So this was a first!

Come hell or high water or tornadoes, the couple tied the knot. Now they have a unique, crazy story to share and pass down to their children. It's not everyday you get married in the middle of a tornadoes outbreak!

Just goes to show, love can conquer all!